There are different varieties of enzymatic cleaners available throughout the market and these are also advertised as odor and stain removing products. These cleaners are quite useful in removing the odors and the stains caused by urine, blood and grass. However, there are many people who are apprehensive about using these products. They somehow do not believe in the fact that a single cleaner can actually remove different varieties of odors and stains. This is absolutely true for the enzyme based cleaners because of the nature of enzymes. There are many who do not have any idea about enzymes. Here, we will have a look at what are enzymes and how do they work in removing odors and stains?

Enzymatic Cleaner

What are Enzymes and How do they Work?

Enzymes are protein molecules that catalyze chemical reactions in the presence of different chemicals. Enzymes help in lowering the required activation energy for reactions to take place and this way they help chemical reactions in taking place quickly. Enzymes actually change the conditions surrounding chemicals for reducing the amount of energy required for a specific reaction to occur. This is of great importance of living beings which will include humans as well. Different chemical procedures that the human body needs to survive would actually take a long time to be useful to the body. However, it is only due to enzyme action that the human body is able to digest food within a very short span of time. Without enzyme action, the procedure of food digestion might take months and even years. Enzymes also tend to be important for chemical reactions that turn stored energy in the body into muscle contractions allowing people to move around. The human body consists of thousands of varied types of enzymes influencing different chemical reactions.

Why is it Necessary to Use Enzyme-Based Cleaners?

Breaking stains and getting rid of odors are chemical procedures like food digestion. The products used for regular cleaning like dish soap serve in the form of surfactants. This means that they result in the mix of oils and water. These products are of no use in removing different varieties of unwanted materials like uric acid crystals. Uric acid crystals are quite small and they are found in urine. It is only because of the presence of these crystals that pet urine has an unpleasant smell and it even stains carpets. The surfactants used for regular cleaning do not have the ability of breaking the chemical bonds binding uric acid crystals on the stained surface. Therefore, it becomes important to make use of enzyme-based cleaners. These cleaners can jumpstart the breakdown procedure of chemical bonds in urine stains.

Enzyme-Based Cleaners are not Multipurpose Cleaners

It is important to note that enzyme-based cleaners cannot be used for almost all purposes. They can only be used for removing organic odors and stains. To be understood properly, organic stains are stains caused by biological or natural material. These would include urine, feces, vomit, blood, coffee, chocolate and cigarette smoke as well. The stains caused due to engine oil cannot be removed using enzyme-based cleaners. Surfactants are the best for such stains.

Enzyme-Based Cleaners are Environmentally Friendly

There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that enzymatic cleaners are quite effective in removing organic odors and stains. However, many people also prefer these cleaners for the low impact that they have on the environment in comparison to the conventional cleaning products. the traditional cleaners available in the market contain hydrochloric acid, ammonia and various other extremely corrosive and toxic chemicals that have a major impact on the environment. On the other hand, the enzyme-based cleaners do not have any impact on the living beings. Pets and children need not be kept away from these cleaners or the areas where these cleaners have been used because such cleaners are safe and convenient. There is a basic science behind the use of Enzymatic Cleaner and knowing this science will help you in deciding whether or not to use such cleaners. Positive results can always be fetched with the use of these cleaners.