The Benefits of Using an Enzymatic Cleaner

There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that getting good riddance from stinky and dirty pet smells can be very challenging. Even when you are of the view that you have removed the smell, a guest comes over to your place and reminds you that the smell still exists in your house. In such conditions, you will need the best Enzymatic Cleaner for getting rid of stinky bacteria in pet feces, vomit and urine.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Enzyme-Based Cleaners

There are different varieties of enzyme-based cleaners available throughout the market and almost all of them can fetch great results in removing pet stains and odors. However, it is necessary that you compare the different cleaners in order to get one best cleaner. There are some important considerations that you must have in mind when choosing enzymatic cleaners and they are as follows:

Enzymatic Cleaner

•    Room temperature

•    Moisture in the air

•    Whether or not your pet is having medicines

•    Food type that is taken by your pet

The use of enzyme-based cleaners is all about chemical reaction and therefore the above mentioned factors can have a major impact on the way the enzymes carry out their job.

What are Enzyme-Based Cleaners?

Enzyme-based cleaners are in no ways new technology. However, they are gaining huge popularity and being widely used by cleaning professionals. Enzyme-based cleaners are basically cleaning products that make the best use of good bacteria for digesting soils, wastes, malodors and stains. The enzymes contained in such cleaners are not living things and they do not possess the ability of reproducing or growing on their own. The main enzymes contained in these cleaners include amylases for the breakdown of starch molecules; lipase for the breakdown of fat molecules like greases and oils and proteases for the breakdown of protein-based molecules like food and blood.

The Benefits Fetched from Enzyme-Based Cleaners

There are a number of benefits that can be fetched with the use of an enzymatic cleaner and they are as follows:

•    These cleaners are safe for the human health and the environment in comparison to medical products.

•    These cleaners contain micro-organisms possessing the ability of penetrating into small crevices and cracks and in eliminating malodors and soils that the traditional chemicals can never remove.

•    Enzymes and bacteria are left in the form of residuals and they can keep on working for more than 80 hours post application. This ensures that the malodors and the soils are completely removed.

•    Enzymatic cleaners contain non-pathogenic good bacteria that can be of good help in displacing diseases-causing bacteria thus benefitting the health of human beings.

•    Enzyme-based cleaners can be effectively used in different applications apart from being used for removing organic odors and stains. These cleaners can be used in the form of surface cleaners, carpet spotters, restroom cleaners and various other things. They are of good use in restrooms as they have the ability of eliminating malodors caused due to urine.

Homemade Enzyme Cleaner How To Make Enzyme Cleaner

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